You are approached by a local restaurant business that requires a digital marketing presence and
they have asked you (as a digital marketeer) and your digital marketing company to come up with
a proposal of an application and for designing a digital marketing campaign for them. The campaign
should include servicing multiple devices, linking of analytics across the different channels to
measure and the use of marketing metrics for specific channel traffic, and how to identify
customers/guests and personalise their experiences using marketing analytics.
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The proposal for the application and digital marketing strategy for a local restaurant business should
include the following:

  • Introduction to a local restaurant business
  • Evaluation of opportunities and challenges faced by restaurant sector with respect its digital
  • Identify the digital marketing tools for your chosen local restaurant business, to meet their
    marketing requirements.
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy, to build multi-channel (social media) capabilities for
    your chosen local restaurant business.
  • Design the email marketing policy for your chosen local restaurant business.
  • Set out a procedure for creating and distributing a professional marketing video for this
  • Justify the chosen multi-channel capabilities identified by you, and analyse how they will
    optimise consumer engagement and return on investment (ROI)
    Use statistics, graphs to support your analysis where needed.