this assignment is designed to promote analytical dialogue. The modality of this
assignment will be in the Discussion Board tool, but this is very different from most
discussion boards in other classes. Review the specific instructions and details of
the Response Essay assignment before you post your response.
The response post needs to use the same method you are using as your initial
Response Essay. The goal is healthy, respectful dialogue that will help us learn more
about a specific topic or theory. You will identify the main arguments and provide
evidence from the readings or videos to support your arguments, suggestions, or
questions about the main points and arguments.
What is a Response Essay?
This essay will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the main points presented in
the specific reading material or video source/s addressing the prompts that will be
provided for each essay.
It is very important to support any argument, observations or claims you are making with
evidence from the material.
● Demonstrate that you have read and understood the material.
● Identify the main argument and purpose of the material (reading material or
● Engage critically by using evidence from the material to support your