Machine learning and pattern recognition are becoming increasingly popular trends in the computer science industry. Discuss how educational establishments can make use of these trends and evaluate their potential effects on education.

l need more 4 source (additional) and I need one more source from 2024

**see previously done parts 1-2

Coursework 3:This is the final piece of your coursework portfolio for Academic English Skills.  In part 1, you identified relevant and reliable sources for use in your essay, and outlined the key ideas and arguments which helped you determine your position on your research topic. In part 2, you presented your research. In part 3, you will write your research–based essay in 1500 words. Make sure that you adhere to the word limits; submissions of under 1200 words will not be accepted, and any work above 1650 words will not be marked. You should include:- a cover sheet including your essay title, class code, candidate number and word count (excluding your reference list).- a student declaration form to acknowledge that the work you are submitting is your own and that you have adhered to academic regulations.- for IFY / IY1 students: aminimum of six sources in your essay, with at least one source published within the past 12 months. For PMP students: a minimum of eight sources in your essay, with at least one source published within the past 12 months. These should be the sources which you found for your CW 1 assessment, included in your outline and presented in CW 2.- a reference list of the sources you have included in your essay. Do not include sources you have read, but not cited in your work. Use the following referencing format for your sources:Harvard Strathclyde referencing guide