Final Debate: Commercial Space Operations –

Who’s leading? What are the current contributions?

Possible Talking Points:

 Spaceports: Who’s developing them? How many do they have? Are there any categories? What

does the Licensing and Approval Process look like?

 Frequency of launches: Who’s launching? Where? What parties are involved?

 Private vs. Public entities: Is the government leading the task in that country? Are private

companies leading the charge? Are they combining efforts?

 Procedures for integrating space vehicle launch/reentry operations into the airspace: Are

there rules in place to allow this? What does the airspace access look like?

 Aircraft and Space vehicles: Who’s making these? What technology do they incorporate? What

can they do?

 Space Tourism: What country is mostly engaged in this? How many launches and/or passengers

have been sent to space?

 Space Resources: Commercial recovery of space resources is the exploitation of raw materials

from asteroids, comets and other space objects, including near-Earth objects for construction

materials and rocket propellant or taken back to Earth. Who’s engaged in this activity? What are

they doing?

 Space-based industries: What countries are currently producing and manufacturing goods in

space? What are they manufacturing? Are they building space stations? Are they mining


Some players might be:

 Space X

 Blue Origin

 LS Technologies

 FAA – Office of Commercial Space Transportation – Space Transportation Development Division


 Virgin Orbit

 Virgin Galactic

 Sierra Nevada Corporation

 Commercial Spaceflight Federation

 Spaceport America

 Alaska Aerospace Corporation

 ICAO – Space Learning Group Secretariat