Students are required to produce a 1000 word case study of a chosen
brand. The case study should use the module learning to analyse the
brand’s position in the market place, it’s relationship with the public and its
key audiences, its strengths and weaknesses and its successes – or failures
– in developing a strong brand identity that contributes to (or detracts
from) the value of the brand.
The work should be supported with specific examples and draw on the
history of brands and the ideas and theories about the place of brands in
our society discussed during the module. The work should reference the
reading within the module and demonstrate the student’s ability to
conduct effective, relevant research. Students may also wish to consider
the effectiveness of their chosen brand’s public presence in relation to the
insights gained in studying the guidelines developed to support successful
brand identities – looking at fonts, logos, graphics, design consistency etc.
structure and
The structure of the submission is up to the student, but you should be aware of the
limitations of the word length. A suggested structure might look like:

  1. Introduction – 100/150 words
    Briefly set out what you are going to discuss, why it is relevant (in relation to readings in
    the module) and briefly set out the argument you are going to make (your thesis).
  2. Introducing the brand – 200/250 words
    Briefly explain the brand’s history and its place in the market/society. Explain why you are
    discussing it here (it’s particular strengths and weaknesses).
  3. Analysis – 400/500 words
    Using a small number of key examples (you won’t have room for more than two or three)
    make your argument about the brand and whether you consider its presentation and/or
    relationship with its audience successfully reflects the image it seeks to construct for
    itself and the creation of brand value.
  4. Conclusion – 100-150 words
    Link back to the thesis you made in the introduction. How did the examples you’ve
    introduced help you prove the argument you were trying to make? What important
    lesson can be drawn from this case study?