Group Case Study #1

Public Relations Research for a Small Business Gateau de Henry, a local coffee shop, is looking to create more awareness amongst trendy 25-45 s in Vancouver.

In addition to serving pastries, Gateau de Henry serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also makes custom cakes (e.g., for birthdays) and is looking to grow his catering cake business.

He came to you for PR advice. You recommended he conducts some research first to better understand his audience.

First, you need to become familiar with his business. Conduct some online research, check his website, social channels, and reviews.


Answer these questions. Add the questions at the top bolded.

1. What is the PR problem or opportunity for Gateau de Henry and why does he need PR help?

2. Why do we need some PR research? (In this case)

3. What type of research would you recommend: primary/secondary/qualitative and/or quantitative (can pick more than one, but try to be specific to the case and explain why)

4. What specific audiences should be researched? (Please provide demographics and/or psychographics)

5. What research methods do you recommend for the audience (e.g., survey, focus group, interviews etc.)?

6. Based on your answer in 5), can you give an example of questions that you would like the research / public(s) to answer?

7. Based on your preliminary research, do you have any other PR advice for Henry?


Attach a Word file with your section and group #, e.g., “PUBR300_2_Group1_Activity1” (No titlepage please). Max 800 words (Aim for up to 100 words per question). Clear and concise writing free of spelling mistakes. Type each question above bolded then answer. Include “who did what” and any references at the end.


Following of the instructions /1

Quality of your Writing (Clear, free of spelling and

grammatical mistakes etc.) /1

Evidence of research / references / relevance /1

Demonstrated understanding and/or application of

course concepts when answering the questions /7