You are a Digital Marketing Consultant pitching your digital analytics service to the CMO of a  Subject of your choice. This Subject can be any business entity, social organisation, or a famous person. This Subject declined to provide you with internal data and asked you to use “openly accessible” data. You reasonably suspect that the Subject is either not very happy about its digital analytics strategy or its internal data system is too messy to show to you. (This happens all the time, otherwise, why would they need you?) You therefore have identified a gap so that your service can add value to help the Subject improve its digital marketing. 

The Deliverable: You are to send the Subject CMO your digital analytics insights in a well-illustrated and well-written report to answer the following questions:

1.      What are some of the objectives of your Subject in its current marketing activities that you can observe using “openly accessible data”? (LO1)

2.      How did you find those data, and what are some of the digital analytics strategies you used to measure the performances and outcomes of the Subject’s marketing activities? (LO1)

3.      What are your evaluations of the digital analytics resources, skills, and tactics that are available to the Subject, as well as you, to recommend measuring at least three (3) of the following elements (LO2):

a.       Customers and/or audience

b.      Competitions

c.       Internal digital marketing performances and effectiveness

d.      The macro environment of marketing (SOSTAC)

4.      Lastly, based on the above analysis and your understanding of the new trends of digital analytics, e.g., the application of AI, etc., how will you recommend the Subject to use digital analytics to set better marketing objectives? What are the improved and well-justified new digital marketing objectives? (LO3)

Resources and Tools: You should demonstrate resourcefulness and data skills. You are a marketing expert as well as a resourceful analyst. You are required to use no fewer than two digital analytics tools in this report. Please do not easily give up on data availability. For example, if you choose to discuss Point 3.c. above, even if without the Subject’s internal data, you can otherwise use comparable demonstration data from Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Mailchimp, etc. to advise how a business can commonly measure the marketing metrics of your choice, for example, landing page, bounces, A/B testing, conversions, goal pages, remarketing, open rates, click-through rates, SERP ranking, etc.

Professionalism: You must include an Executive Summary and a Conclusion. You should not exceed the word count limit by 10% (2,200 words is the cap). The Reference List is the only part that is not included in the word count limit. Do not conceal word counts in images, because the CMO has no interest in them. Please note your actual word count on the cover page. Do not count on your audience to pay attention to the Appendices. Do not plagiarise. If you choose to work on the same Subject as your PRAC1 assessment, you are solely responsible for avoiding (self) plagiarism and high similarity rates.