For this final project, worth a total of 100 points towards your final course grade, you are required to watch a film or documentary related to American politics; then write a report. Either choice is acceptable, so long as it is related to U.S. politics, a topic that has been discussed in some way during the course, and your instructor approves it. You must submit your choice to your instructor via the Assignments dropbox no later than the date listed in the course syllabus.

Based on your selection, write a 850-1,000 words report that includes the following three sections:

  1. A summary of the film/documentary,
  2. Examples of how it related to this class (including page citations and 2-3 quotations from the text), and
  3. A concluding paragraph about what you learned.

This assignment is worth 100 points, so it carries a substantive weight of about 20% of your final grade. Keep the following guidelines in mind to avoid having points deducted from your work: