Final Multimedia Project Overview, Instructions, & Deadlines

Final Multimedia Project Overview For the final multimedia project (worth 40% of your grade) you will deliver an infographic with a clear purpose created for a specific, target audience along with a reflective presentation (5% of grade) explaining your design and content choices. By its very nature, an infographic requires a skillful combination of text and visuals and simplification/a new angle on a complex topic–usually for professional purposes–the exact elements of multimedia that we have been working on this semester.

Your final result could be shared or developed for an IUSB (or other company’s) office’s/club’s use, or used more to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a particular field for your social media/website, LinkedIn page, etc.

This 6-7 week project will require research of your audience, data/information for the project topic; analysis of effective infographics and best practices; selection and ethical implementation of visual elements following design principles; clear, concise writing; and development of a compelling argument. We will work on this project in steps, with opportunities for feedback along the way and many provided examples and resources to help guide you with both the te