Mini assignments reflect course content and are due in the define weeks see course syllabus. Each Mini Assignment requires a 500-800 word response. If your classes are on Tuesday and Thursday your draft assignment is due at the end of the day on Monday (before our class). The final copy of the assignment is to be submitted on BS in the respective submission box by 11:59 p.m.IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO DO A MINI ASSIGNMENT, YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE UP THIS ASSIGNMENT.

Your assignment is worth 10 marks (5% of your total mark),(1) submission of the draft (4) for your written response, (2) for writing and references, and (3) for your reflective comments on your learning from the weekly class materials.

The following outlines the requirements of each Mini-Assignment:

Each Mini-Assignment must contain:

· Theory and concepts from the readings, lecture or class discussion and course objectives;

· A personal reflection on your learning and how you might apply it to your life ( the information relates to your background, history experience, and future actions);

· Three references/per Mini Assignment these will include (1 to the textbook, 2 peer-reviewed journals) in APA format (see APA guide to appropriate site material. Please note that you will lose marks if references are not APA)

Mini Assignments must demonstrate attention to the quality of writing; clarity of writing; attention to spelling, grammar and sentence structure; organization; professional presentation; appropriate formatting; referencing; headings: typed; double spaced; ease of reading etc.

Mini Assignment #1 Draft Due: Week