he purpose of this creative exercise is to simulate a field research project with a relative immersion in the naturalistic setting. A simulation of the field experience involves observing the video recorded interactions among children during their playtime, snacks, and learning in kindergarten at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIJh3zCK6Pg [watching the clip before the class is strongly recommended].

1. Formulate a research question that interests you with respect to this setting. It can be very broad. It may pertain to gender differences, learning, and other behavioral interventions, but it doesn’t have to.

2. Based on the chosen research question, watch the video clip again [i.e., conduct observations] and write personal field notes. At first, conduct the observations individually. Consult your notes and the book for the major elements that you need to record [i.e., the setting, the people, individual actions and activities, group behavior, and meanings and perspectives].

3. What observer role did you play? Also, what observer role was the observer/video recorder? Please explain the advantages and disadvantages/ethical issues associated with each role.

4. Someone believes that in order to answer your research question the children should be observed at random intervals throughout the week. Another person argues that the children should be observed for one full morning. What do you think would be the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Can you think of a better method of time sampling for this situation?