The focus is on crisis management and the role of international organizations in situations of conflict and instability. The concept of Hibernation, Evacuation, and Relocation (HER) is crucial in understanding how organizations respond to threats to their personnel and operations in crisis situations. 

We have had several crises in the last 2+ years that affected regional or global stability (supply chain, food prices, food insecurity).

The Ukraine war (2022), Sudan armed conflict (2023), Gaza / Israel conflict (2023-2024), Haiti gang violence and instability (2023-2024).

All these crises had one thing in common – and which I think is relevant to the MSc course. International Organization had to jump into crisis management mode and evacuate and or relocate their staff from harm’s way. Could you find enough info around Hibernation, Evacuation, Relocation (HER)?  Something that is relevant and interesting?

You could delve into case studies of how various international organizations, such as the United Nations, humanitarian agencies, and multinational corporations, have implemented HER strategies in response to the crises mentioned. Analyzing the effectiveness of these strategies, challenges faced during implementation, and lessons learned could provide valuable insights for future crisis management protocols.

Additionally, exploring the technological advancements and innovations in HER procedures, such as the use of drones for reconnaissance during evacuations or virtual reality simulations for training staff in crisis response, could add depth to this dissertation.

For the research methods: we will use a mixed methods approach.  For the qualitative part,  collect archival data and analyze policy documents to gain insights into HER implementation and challenges faced. Quantitatively, utilize surveys to assess the effectiveness of HER strategies and statistical analysis to measure their impact. State the specific statistical tests and significance level.