Farmer’s Market Research and Poster (worth 20%)
Part A – Due Week 4
Farmer’s Market Research
Assignment outcome: To increase your awareness, understanding and
knowledge of local/regional, sustainable, organic food and natural items
produced in and around Vancouver and the Lower mainland area.
What you will need to do: You will need to begin by researching Farmers
Markets specifically here in the local region. For example:
Begin by choosing 10 local farmer/vendor businesses that sell organic
(You might want to choose items that interest you, you’ve had, like to eat
or would like to try and know more about.)
Hopefully one of these markets ( is close to your home
and you can visit one, BUT you don’t have too, HOWEVER I do think it
will save you a lot of time and should be also enjoyable, however you can
do your research online, I’m just making a friendly suggestion.
From this site you can see many of the markets that take place regularly
in the city.
Answer the following questions for each of the 10 farmers/vendors
you choose.

  1. Which products do the farmers/Vendors sell that is local and
    organic. Provide a list and the corresponding images you can find –
    research each farmer/vendors websites, Instagram and Facebook
    pages, or social media or print media they may employ if they have
  2. Explain how the Farmers/Vendors promote their products and
    services. How do people know about them? Give three examples of
    these promotions. Also include visuals here as well with your
    examples. * Again, you should be able to pull this information
    farmer/vendors websites, Instagram and Facebook pages, or any
    social media or print media they employ.
  3. Explain how each of the farmers/Vendors use marketing, describe
    their brand – Provide 3examples of how their brand – What is the
    tone and appeal of their products? Who is the audience they are
    attempting to market to?
  4. And finally answer for each of the 10 farmers/Vendors the following:
    a. What systems do they use to transport their goods to market? ie. do
    they need to use a ferry, large trucks, electric vehicle, bike etc. Explain
    this. Also how far does the product have to travel, this is important when
    thinking local / regional
    b. Explain the farmer/vendors operations: their location, farm or property,
    size of the operation, big or small? how many people work there /
    c. Are they supported well with response from public, reviews can be
    For this assignment you will be making a report of 10-12 pages with both
    text and images. Report should have following pages.
  • Cover Page with your name, student ID, course section number and
    the due date.
  • An Introduction Page describing the importance of why it is important
    to promote local markets.
  • Each of the 10 vendors with answers to the above mentioned questions
  • References
    PART B (Due: Week5)
    For this assignment you will be making a poster advertising a particular
    Farmers Market from the Vancouver area. The poster must be printed and
    exhibited in week 5 classroom.
    Select one market only of the below list.
  1. Hastings Park
  2. Trout Lake
  3. Kitsilano
  4. Riley park
    Components of Poster
    Once you have selected the Farmers Market of your choice, for example,
    Trout Lake Farmers Market, you will now begin making a logo for your
    What object (Vegetable, fruit, insect, seed, plant, flower, animal, or
    symbol) you want to combine with your type choice
    Depending on the particular market you picked the text needs to be
    included on the poster indicate location, date and timings, note that the
    locations and dates are different and correspond to the market
    If you selected Trout Lake Farmers Market then the text you will have to
    include will be, Saturday, 9am-2pm from April 1 – October 28 at the north
    parking lot of John Hendry Park, Lakewood Dr. & East 13th Ave.
    3) Main image of poster
    What background will your poster have. The background will have your
    large image, logo and text on top of it. Your background should connect
    with the idea of a farmers’ market. For example, something rough, natural,
    hand created by you. This background should help make your text and
    large image ‘pop’.
    4) What are the other objects you will add to your poster?
    a. You need to have a minimum of 5 objects on your poster, things that
    are grown, raised, harvested locally. These items must be organic and not
    processed. The maximum amount of these items is 10.
    b. You can also include additional items to your poster, people, dogs,
    birds, booths, food trucks, rainbows, clouds, flowers.