Students are required to write a 1000-1200 word (including title page and list of references), double-spaced essay contextualizing their own experience with personal troubles during their adolescent years (10-19 years of age) in the context of sociological concepts learned so far in the course (focusing mostly on Weeks 1-3 of the course). This essay should be reflective, narrative, and analytical.

C. Wright Mills defined the sociological imagination through “personal troubles.” Describe at least 3 examples of “personal troubles” that you or someone very close to you specifically experienced during your adolescent years. Share only what you are comfortable with sharing. However, the point here is to have personal reflection on your own unique experiences. Be specific in your description.
Provide an explanation of how these “personal troubles” were influenced by larger social structures (public issues). Discuss how your own culture and socialization influenced your response to these “personal troubles.”
Analyze your own response to these “personal troubles” by making reference to two major sociological theories/paradigms discussed in the course.
This is not a broad research assignment. You must make reference to your own lived experiences and unique position in a sociological context. In addition, you must make reference to the textbook (Chapters 1, 3, and 5 being relevant to this assignment) and at least one of the course videos. Your paper should include a minimum of four (4) in-text citations with page numbers or time stamps. Any other sources must be approved by the instructor in advance.

Please make sure to include a title page and list of references. Your essay should be formatted according to APA style.