Topic Selection

The task is to select 5 of the topics covered during the semester which you found either to be the most interesting, challenging or thought provoking.

For each of the five topics, you are to research and locate a contemporary HR news article which reflects poor HR practice on behalf of the organisation or industry cited by the article.

A copy of the article link is to be included in your portfolio.

For each of the topics you are to answer the following questions:

1. What made you select this topic and why?

2. Provide a summary of the article you selected, including a brief overview of why you chose it.

3. In terms of the event or scenario the article outlines, please provide your assessment of what went wrong in terms of HR practice. For example, a poor recruitment practice and decision resulting in either poor performance, dismissal, tarnished company reputation etc.

4. Provide an explanation and recommendations on what HR best practice would have prevented the situation or event from occurring. Support with research