·  Critically evaluate the focus of the business and its market (for example, what is the focus of the business, where are its main markets and/or sites of production, who are its key competitors?)

·  Identify and critically evaluate the geopolitical, economic, and legal challenges and issues that are currently and could potentially impact on the activities of the business and your chosen market (for example new government policies such as trade and other barriers?)

·  Critically examine the company’s internationalisation strategy, with a particular focus on its entry mode in your chosen foreign market (for example, how did the company grow into similar markets, using relevant international and institutional reports, why your chosen country is a potential market for expansion and organisational growth? what strategy is more feasible in terms of investment climate in your chosen country)

·  Provide a set of well-argued and developed recommendations on how the company could address some of the identified macro environmental challenges and issues (for example, what would you identify as the three biggest challenges facing the company in your chosen market)

The paper should have an introduction and conclusion, plus headings for each of the four questions.