Topic – how to obtainAvailable in BB. In week one, your tutor will brief you on his/her expectations to be addressed in the assignment. Lecture 1 provides more details.
Due DateRefer to the unit outline for the exact time and date
IndividualAn individual ONLY assignment.
Submission – What and howThere are two (2) parts (a and b) to this STAGE 2 of your CASE STUDY: Part (a) is the completed written assignment, consisting of: Assignment Cover Sheet e.g., your name etc – i.e., Page 1Introduction and Discussion (see Narrative Structure below) – i.e., Pages 2 to 5 or 6 (4 to 4.5 pages) Do NOT include any table, graph etc here. Create an appendix showing appropriate references for example Table 1 (Source: …) References/Bibliography – i.e., Page 6 or 7 depending on the length of part (a) 2 above (Introduction and Discussion). NOTE: Do NOT include ABSTRACTS Part (b) consists of a video presentation. After recording your 5 to 6 minutes of presentation, upload your video using Echo360. For instructions on how to upload to Echo360 – refer to the pdf document “ACCT2000 – How to Upload Video to Echo360” – which is available in BB.
Narrative StructureIntroduction An introduction appropriate for the topic and how you intend discussing it.DiscussionAddress your topic and questionsThe right amount of detail is what will fit in the 4 to 4.5 pagesCombine the information extracted from the various articles e.g., according to Smith 2021 and Brown 2023 etc.  The discussion is not meant to be a repeat of the list of abstracts from STAGE 1. Look at the marking rubric – addressing your topic is only of the marks allocated.Conclusion
Referencing and citationReferences and Citation Using material without acknowledgment (referencing) is plagiarism (cheating), using other people’s material and referencing (saying where you got it) is good research! Your reference list must be included on the final page(s).
The referencing style is CHICAGO
Margin, font and spacingMargin: inch or 2.54cm Font: Ariel 10 Spacing: 1.5 lines Do NOT leave big gaps between paragraphs or parts of your assignment in order to fill out the required number of pages. Penalties apply.
Video Presentation TimeFive (5) to six (6) minutes Student must present and appear at least 80% (of the time) in the video. No animation to replace students’ appearance. Important: Your video presentation is a SUMMARY of the narrative
Video Structure and formatThere is no specific structure to be followed. Simply summarise the points written in your narrative submission. You ONLY have 5 to 6 minutes to present. Penalties apply if it’s less than 5 minutes or more than 6 minutes excluding the Curtin Introduction added by ECHO360. Citations and a reference list are optional for the video and not included in the 5 to 6 minutes. For video format supported by Echo360, visit:
Late Submission and PenaltiesApproval needs to be obtained from the UC. Please refer to the unit outline on how to submit your application for assessment extension. The Assignment Cover Sheet should indicate the approval and the OC (Official Communication) need to be uploaded to Turnitin as well.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Is citing of references compulsory – Yes only in part (a) the Narrative. No need for references and citations in the video unless for example a picture is used which is not your work. Your references are in the case study and they are cited there.   Is the time added by Echo360 e.g., Curtin intro and copyright inclusive of the time-limit? – No   What device should I use to record my video?   Any device that record video formats supported by Echo360. Visit for more information.   What editing software should I use to edit my video?   You can edit your video using any video editing software you wish. Some free packages you could consider are: WondershareWindows Movie Maker   Have a look at this website for other ideas and a critique of free editing software:   I used a free editing package and it has placed a “watermark” on the final version of my video – what do I do?   Nothing – as long as your tutor can still see & hear what you have done through the water mark then you will not be penalised.   Will how to use the editing software be explained in class?   No. We do encourage you to use editing software as it is a useful skill but we cannot provide support for editing software. Sample videos are given to help you with presentation skills and to show you the benefits of editing, but it is up to you to learn how to use the software you choose.   How do I get help on using editing software?   Some material is provided in Blackboard and a demonstration is provided during the lecture but you will need to find other resources to help you. Depending on the software you have chosen to use there is usually learning videos and other resources available through YouTube, the product vendor’s website, or other internet sources.       How do I get help on the topic I have to present?   Your tutor will be able to help you with your topic. However, do not expect your tutor to do your research for you. Your tutor will be more helpful if you demonstrate you have made an effort to research your topic before you ask for help. At the University level you should be able to research a topic with minimal assistance from your tutor.   What help can I get to obtain good marks?   Use the marking rubric.Meet the expectations of your tutor.Good video and audio quality. Avoid using your hand-phone to record. Check the background, etc.Answer the questions relevant to the topic. Research well.