This one happens to have charts instead of a table. You will produce just one visual that′s a table. I have attached what my report is about (Interoffice Memo) as well as two examples (Example A and Report Text). Content You are formatting this report, not writing your own. Your formatted version of this final report should contain all of the following (I provided the report body and an unformatted works cited page only): Title page Table of contents that shows two levels of headings Abstract Numbered pages (use MLA style numbering) A data table Two levels of headings in the body of the revised report (the first will be Introduction; the last will be Conclusion) Appropriate paragraphing A data table that replaces the paragraph with too many numbers An updated Works Cited page URLs for Works Cited Sources Docherty Accessed 10 Apr. 2016. Newmaster Accessed 20 Apr. 2016. ″Dietary Supplement Use” Accessed 06 June 2016. Twilley Accessed 20 Apr. 2016. U.S. Food and Drug Accessed 04 June 2016. U.S. Pharmacopeial Accessed 27 Apr. 2016.

The report is supposed to be written about the technology crisis amongst teenagers and how it can impact mental health and other issues (do not include anything of violent or controversial nature, she’s very against things like that, for example school shooting statistics in correlation to smartphone addiction). My professor is super specific and insists that everything must be single-spaced and as concise as humanly possible. In her words, “you will never earn more points in this class for writing more.”