Write an essay in which you explain what happens at four antenatal visits (3.1) and why these monitoring visits are so important (3.2), evaluating the need to test a woman’s blood in the early stages of pregnancy (4.2). Include in the essay an analysis of how and why the midwife would need to liaise with other professionals (3.3). (750 words)

Design and submit a presentation for pregnant women in which you analyse why dietary advice is so important during pregnancy (4.1) and evaluate why scans are necessary in pregnancy, considering whether scans should be compulsory or voluntary (4.3). (500 words)

Design a booklet that shows two different stages of foetal growth at two different stages of pregnancy, with illustrations (5.1) and explain facts about lifestyle choices and factors that have a negative or positive affect on pregnancy and foetal development and growth (5.2). (500 words).