Please conduct apreliminary review of an engine shop visit maintenance reserves claim and indicate the total reimbursement amount the lessee is entitled to receive from the lessor, including a potential contribution related to the time the engine was operated before delivery to the current lessee. 

1. Please deliver (i) an individual statement to the lessee to confirm the lessor maintenance contribution amount, including a list of all the information pending to complete the review with any further lessor comments.

2. Following a review of the redelivery conditions please create (ii) an internal report summarising the workscope performed at current maintenance event including a comparative analysis to clarify the impact if the Engine Performance Restoration release life had been altered.

Format of: Electronic file (PDF only) in A4-size paper, double-spaced, in a 12-point font such as Times New Roman, Courier or Aria. Wherever possible, you should use appropriate graphs, diagrams and figures to augment the text – these should be numbered consecutively and must be referred to in the text of your paper. The full detail of the source(s) of the figure/graphs/diagrams also needs to be included in the assignment reference list using Harvard referencing style.