“Critical Concepts – Remediation Document”

Upon completion of the required Practice Assessment, conduct a focused review by downloading the “ATI Individual Performance Profile” Report. Complete the “3 Critical Concepts – Remediation Document” by using each NCLEX Client Need Category, listed under the “Topics to Review Section” in the report to identify 3 Critical Concepts learned and or understand better about the concept. Use reliable evidence-based resources to remediate each topic (ATI Focused Review, ATI eBook, Course textbook per Syllabus). Cite your sources (APA formatting not required).

8 NCLEX Client Need Categories

1) Management of Care, 2) Safety and Infection Control, 3) Basic Care and comfort, 4) Health Promotion and Maintenance, 5) Psychosocial Integrity, 6) Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, 7) Reduction of Risk Potential, and 8) Physiological Adaptation

Reflection Section – include one of the 6 Cognitive Functions

· Reflect on how the 3 critical concepts you learned, helped you gain a better understanding of the 6 Cognitive Functions of the National Council for State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) – Clinical Judgement Measurement Model (NCJMM) – which follows the Nursing Process:

o Recognize Cues (Assessment) – Filter information from different sources (i.e., signs, symptoms, health history, environment).

o Analyze Cues (Analysis) – Link recognized cues to a client’s clinical presentation and establishing probable client needs, concerns, or problems.

o Prioritize Hypotheses (Analysis) – Establish priorities of care based on the client’s health problems (i.e. environmental factors, risk assessment, urgency, signs/ symptoms, diagnostic test, lab values, etc.)

o Generate Solutions (Planning) – Identify expected outcomes and related nursing interventions to ensure clients’ needs are met.

o Take Actions (Implementation) – Implement appropriate interventions based on nursing knowledge, priorities of care, and planned outcomes to promote, maintain, or restore a client’s health.

o Evaluate Outcomes (Evaluation) – Evaluate a client’s response to nursing interventions and reach a nursing judgment regarding the extent to which outcomes have been met.