“The Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry Is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth” pp. 265-272

As Turow explains, the majority of consumers do not realize that their internet activities are mined for commercial reasons. Write an essay in which you support, oppose or complicate the proposition that for-profit data miners such as Google should pay, in money or services, users whom they monitor for information that they then sell.

Like last time, your essay must contain a clear thesis statement, support for that thesis, well-written paragraphs, clear transitional sentences between paragraphs, correct grammar and punctuation and a strong conclusion. Keep in mind that the grading standards for English composition I include attention to mechanics and grammar, expression and usage, unity, organization and content.

In addition, you must incorporate at least two quotes from the text.

Remember that in your introduction you should reference the author’s full name, give the article title as well as a brief summary of the article, and you should also state your main point (your thesis). You should then list your main points (each of these main points will become a separate paragraph). Each paragraph should contain a clear topic sentence and you should support that point in the remainder of the paragraph. Remember that you want to argue your points without relying on personal experiences to make those points.