Explain what Wilson means when he states “between-group selection trumps within-group selection, turning groups into organisms” (p. 144, also Chapter 19)? What evidence does he use to support his contention? What objections does he consider and refute as he presents his ideas about groups and their evolutionary dynamics? 

After brainstorming about either option, prepare one map using the ‘Advanced Reasoning’ template with the following elements:

A) Wilson’s main claim as the contention of the map;

B) Supporting evidence for that claim as reasons and co-premises;

C) An objection presented by Wilson to either the contention itself, or one of the supporting ideas, along with any required co-premises. When you read the chapter carefully, you will be able to spot the objections he entertains and refutes, aka his argumentation; 

D) Wilson’s rebuttal to that objection (touch an objection bubble to an objection bubble and it will transform into a rebuttal bubble);

E) The basis or bases for each final node, that is, each premise and co-premise without further support. 

Please make argument map after read Ch 19. I also attached an example.