Research an issue influencing healthcare delivery in the United States. This will be the topic of your Leadership paper ( Topic : Nurse Burnout) . I recommend using the Literature Search assignment #1 template to guide your search and retrieval of articles for this discussion post. You will submit Literature Search assignment #1 next week. 

In your post:

  1. Identify the issue and provide a rationale for your choice with support from at least two (2) peer-reviewed references. Scholarly articles.
  2. Then, reflecting on your own nursing practice, discuss the impact of the issue from a leadership and management perspective. Discuss how the essential elements of nursing leadership (Box 2-1 pg. 27) are needed to successfully address the issue.

The topic of lateral violence may not be used as all RN-BSN students researched this issue in a previous course. Please type your response directly into the box (no attachments please).  

***Make sure to adhere to correct APA format of in-text citations and references. 

To receive full credit, please review the Rubric attached. 

Note: see attachment for rubric and Literature Search assignment #1 template