You have been given the assignment of forecasting human resource needs of the National Bank and Trust Company which
employs approximately 1100 people. The bank currently has 50 branch offices located through the greater Vancouver area each
of which employs approximately 14 individuals. The bank expects to add 38 branches during the next three years. Branches
within the bank differ considerably in size, so the figures represent averages.
During the past month, the bank has placed an order for 30 automated teller machines to be placed in its former branch offices.
These machines are scheduled to be in operation December 31,
one year from now. The bank has found that for each new machine purchased, one less teller is needed, on
average. A breakdown of the bank’s current staffing is shown in Table: present staffing.
The bank has asked you to perform three human resource forecasting tasks. First, based
on the assumptions given below, you are required to determine employee turnover for the main office, the former branches,
and the new branches. Your boss would like to know this information for each of
the next three years and for each of the major personnel categories (i.e., supervisors, tellers/clerical, and main
office). Your job is to complete Table 1.
Second, your boss would like to know the number of new employees the bank will need to hire for each major personnel Category
for each of the next three years. Your job is to complete Table 2.