The individual report submission should be approximately 2000 words per student. The
tasks description will guide you on how to successfully write the report. A detailed rubric is
given in the table below. Your mark for the individual report will be awarded based on this
Project: Construction of a new office building in Parramatta
Scope: Construction of a 10-story office building with a total floor area of 20,000 square
Schedule: The project is expected to take 18 months to complete, with a planned start date
of January 1st 2024 and a planned end date of June 30th 2025.
Budget: The total budget for the project is $60 million.
The project will be divided into 6 phases, each taking 3 months to complete.
Tasks 1:
The project manager will use earned value management (EVM) to track the project’s
Question 1.1: Use EVM to track the project’s progress and calculate the following metrics
(table 1):

  • Planned value (PV)
  • Earned value (EV) – calculate based on the % completion
  • Actual cost (AC) – make reasonable assumption of the actual cost yourself
  • Schedule variance (SV)
  • Cost variance (CV)
  • Schedule performance index (SPI)
  • Cost performance index (CPI)
    Question 1.2: Analyse the EVM data to identify any schedule or cost variances, and
    recommend corrective actions if necessary