Course Learning Outcome and Objective

2. Implement numerous developmentally appropriate music, dramatic experiences and creative outlets throughout the daily program of curriculum, routines, transitions in diverse Early Learning and Care environments that foster self- expression in young children.

2. 2. Identify a variety of musical and creative approaches to use with young children.


  1. Set up a provocation for children 2.5 – 6 years to invite children’s interest in music

This must be developmentally appropriate and aesthetically beautiful (Carefully consider the materials and where you place them.

  • Take a picture of your provocation.
  • Upload your image in this assignment.
  • Explain two (2) ways children might explore sound with the provocation you have set up using course content from the text or lecture with APA7 in-text citation and a full reference.
  • Save your work as a pdf and submit.


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Total:    /10 marks