johari Window This assignment has two parts to it. The objective of this assignment is to observe and examine your self-disclosure and how this effects your personal Johari window. Task 1: Examining your Self-Disclosure Choose a “significant other” as the subject of this exercise. Over a 3-day period, you are going to record the number of statements you make in each category: cliches, facts, opinions, and feelings. Try and be aware of the topics you discuss on each level, along with the number of statements in each category. In at paragraph, explain to me who you choose to speak with and why you choose this person. *Make sure they are a significant person in your life. Based on these findings, answer the following questions: 1. Which topics of self-disclosure do engage in most frequently? Least often? Point form is fine (2 marks) 2. What type of disclosure (cliché, facts, opinions, and feelings) do you use in each topic area? (4 marks) 3. Explain the reason for omitting topical categories (e.g. conflicts, the future, etc) or levels of disclosure (e.g. feelings) or both. (5 marks) 4. Explain the consequences of any omissions described in question 3. (5 marks) Task 1 total: /16 Task 2: Johari Window Using the information you gained from task 1, examine how your self-disclosure relates to the Johari Window. This is not a generalization. This is looking at the conversation between you and your chosen significant other. 1. Create a Johari Window representing the you through the conversations you had with your significant other. (8 marks) 2. Describe which parts of yourself you keep in the hidden area. Explain you reasons for doing so. Describe the advantages or disadvantages, or both, of not disclosing these parts of yourself. (4 marks) 3. Look at the blind area of your model. Is this area large or small because of the amount of feedback (much or little) that you get from your significant other or because of your willingness to receive the feedback that is offered? (3 marks) Re-watch the video that I played in class if you need a refresher on how these categories can be of differing sizes. 4. Explain whether you are satisfied with the results illustrated by your answers. If you are not, explain what you can do to remedy the problem. If you are satisfied, explain why. (5 marks) Tas 2 total: /20 Assignment #1 total: /36