1. Select one of the following hotel chains:
    • Marriot Hotels
    • IHG Hotels & Resorts
    • Hilton Hotels
  2. Research the Social Media pages for the hotel chain you selected.
  3. Based on the hotel chain you selected and their current social media pages, you will create a one month Social Media Calendar for the month of February.
  4. The calendar can either be for B2B or B2C marketing
  5. Use the Social Media Calendar Template from this link: SM Calendar Template
    • Download and make a copy of “Social Media Calendar # 12” from the website
  6. Update the “Strategy Tab”
    • Indicate 2 Business Goals for your selected hotel chain
    • Indicate 3 Social Media Goals
    • Indicate 4 Content Pillars
    • Indicate 6 Content Pieces
    • Indicate 6 Tactics
  7. Update the “Weekly View Tab”
    • Select 3 Social Media Networks – and delete the rest from the spreadsheet
    • Add 4 more weeks to the spreadsheet to include the complete month of November
    • Using the Content Pillars, Content Pieces and Tactics, create a Social Media plan for your hotel
    • Be sure to include/fill out the Date, Time, Content Pillar, Cornerstone Content, Content Format and Copy/Hashtags cells for each day
    • You do not need to create the actual images to post, instead please describe what you are posting/description
    • You may need to refer back to week 5 – SMM B2C Facebook & Instagram content to create your calendar

Due Date

Friday February 9, 2024 @ 11:59pm (EST)

How to Submit your Assignment

Please submit as an Excel Spreadsheet to the Submission Folder: SMM Marketing Calendar

Grading Criteria

Students will be graded using the attached Rubrics. Grades and Feedback will be provided 7-10 days after each assignment due date.

Rubrics: SMM Marketing Calendar

Assignment Resources and Links


  • The following articles on LinkedIn Marketing for Hotels