1.   Why is understanding different employee personality types and traits important for future Hospitality Managers?

2.   You are a Manger at Fanshawe Hotel. You have recently hired an Executive Chef, Michael. Michael appeared to be very outgoing and sociable in his interview. Over the past month however, you have received several complaints from kitchen staff describing Michael as emotional and rude. He often screams at his coworkers before taking the time figure out what actually happened.

a)    What is a way you could have possibly tested whether Michael would be a good “fit” with the team before hiring him? Explain.

b)     Out of the 6 Individual Differences learned in class, what 2 traits do you think Michael is demonstrating? Explain.

3.   You are a Manager at Fanshawe Hotel. You have recently hired a new Front Desk Agent, Tina. Tina is enthusiastic and an extrovert. She shows high levels of motivation when learning new tasks. She is quickly excelling in her new role as she applies knowledge and skills from her previous job at Lucky Hotel and Resorts. By observing her work, you are able to tell that she understands her job duties well. She has told you she hopes to become a general manager of a hotel someday.

a)    What are two examples of situational factors that could facilitate (promote) Tina’s success in her new role? Briefly explain each.

b)    What are two examples situational factors that could constrain (prevent) Tina’s success in her new role? Briefly explain each.

c)    It has been 6 months since Tina was hired. Over the past month, Tina has appeared bored and uninterested in her work. She has mentioned to you before that she often does not have enough work to do during her shift. As her Manager, what are some ways you could help to motivate her?