Students are to complete the Individual Case Analysis for the assigned case. Students are to fill in all sections highlighted in red by changing it to black font. Do not remove or edit the black bolded content; all titles and formatting are to remain. Students are to submit a version that is cleaned up and professional looking.

Case Title:

Case Analysis Steps:

  • Step A: Define the issue
  • Step B: Analyze the case data
  • Step C: Generate alternatives
  • Step D: Determine decision criteria
  • Step E:  Assess alternatives
  • Step F: Select a final recommendation
  • Step G: Develop an implementation plan
  1. Issue(s)

Immediate Issue(s)

Specific decision, problem, challenge, or opportunity faced by decision maker.

Identify a minimum of one issue that you are going to spend the analysis working to resolve. If multiple issues are discovered, you will need to determine which one is the most important and related to the course material. The analysis will not be able to resolve all issues so issue selection is important.

Other Issues

Larger more generic in nature, they relate to content in course and the immediate issue.

Identify other issues that are present and how they relate to the Immediate Issue. There is no minimum or maximum of issues but you will likely find at least one.




  • Case Data Analysis

Apply course framework(s) and analytical tools to analyze the internal and external environment that the Immediate Issue is occurring in.

  • Proposed Alternatives

In general, you should identify three (3) alternatives that could resolve the Immediate Issue. The alternative should be complete enough that it will resolve all or most of the Issue. Identify the pros and cons of each alternative.




  • Decision Criteria

Identify which factors the organization will have to consider when making a decision between the alternatives. These could include cost, timing, location etc.




  • Alternative Assessment

Explain how the organization will evaluate the Alternatives and consider their Decision Criteria. You can use a table (as provided) or create your own. A visual is recommended.

  • Final Recommendation

Select one of the Proposed Alternatives and explain why that one is being recommended to solve the Identified Issue. The Alternative Assessment from Part E can be explained in text and should elaborated on.

  • Implementation Plan

Explain how the Final Recommendation will be implemented to solve the Identified Issue. The Implementation Plan needs to consider what will need to happen and needs to identify how it will be monitored and controlled. The timing, milestones and who/what/where/when/how need to be clear. A visual is recommended with supporting text to explain details.