3 response essays

Read this concise review of the model .  This is an important concept when discussing population.  This assignment is intended to reinforce your learning from the text and lecture.https://www.populationeducation.org/content/what-demographic-transition-modelWrite a brief  response as to why this model is significant when describing a countries population history, current status, and future prediction.  100- 150 words. Basically I am checking for understanding of this concept.————————————————————-This week your online class is to do this TED ED on Population Pyramids.  There are multiple parts of the lesson. Do Parts 1.3 of Ted EDhttp://ed.ted.com/lessons/population-pyramids-powerful-predictors-of-the-future-kim-preshoff#watch1) Watch:  Ted Talk on Population Pyramids2) Dig Deeper:  Explore all eight (8) RED links in this section.  That will involve watching several more TED talks.   WRITE ONE 250-300 WORD RESPONSE ABOUT THE THREE TO FIVE  MOST IMPORTANT IDEAS YOU TAKE AWAY FROM ANY OF THESE EIGHT LEARNING LINKS.You will write into the text box here. ——————————————————————Following up on Rachel Richmond’s presentation of population health, watch the following video links and considering Rachel’s lecture, write a 200 word response guided by the following questions:Think of where you are from….what social determinants of health are high risk and observable to the community?What would you suggest as possible solutions from a geographic planning perspective?  social determinants of health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_11xLlwKgWcfood deserts in US:  http://megacity.esri.com/fooddeserts/#-13699028.297429416;5225049.210527037;13  (find the Rogue Valley)Hans Rosling:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo&nohtml5=False. If you missed class and the guest lecture, watch the power point uploaded in another moodle assignment. 

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