ScenarioYou are a HR consultant who is asked by a large employer to design and implement a system to select workers for a manufacturing plant. The plant is unionized, and there is a history of poor union–management relations. Management informs you that it intends to break the union and, as a part of this effort, you are to come up with a selection system that will screen out all new job applicants having pro-union attitudes. The idea is to skew the workforce toward management so that the union can be broken in a future decertification vote. What’s more, you are to keep the purpose of the selection system a secret and are asked by management to sign a contract in which you promise not to reveal its intentions to the union, the labour board, or any other outsiders.

Question: Drawing on learning from Chapter 1 of your text and additional research, discuss the ethical and professional standards implications of what the employer is asking from you as a management consultant. Then discuss how would you deal with this situation


·       Your written response should be within 600 words in total (excluding title page) using 12-font times new roman with 1.5 spaces between lines.

·       No title page is required, just write your name and ID no. on the top of your assignment page

·       Consult at least 5 external articles/sources (including the textbook) to substantiate your writing. Provide in-text citation in your paper and provide a bibliography at the end of your paper following APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. You can learn more about APA formatting/guidelines from the following link:

·       You must not copy and paste from the text or other sources- I expect that you write the answer in your own words. Copy/past answers will result in zero marks for this question. Your paper will go through similarity checking to prevent plagiarism. Plagiarised submissions will result in zero marks.

·       Submit your work in a word document in Brightspace by 25 Feb by 11:59pm EST. Late submission will be subject to penalty @ 5% deduction per day

Tentative format of your paper and rubric:

Your paper must address at least the following three areas: 

·       Explain the ethical and professional standards implications of this situation given. (aprx. 350 words. 6 marks)

·       Explain the consequences (on the employees as well as on you as a HR consultant) of following the management requests. (aprx. 150 words. 3 marks)

·       Explain what approach you would take to deal with this situation. (aprx. 140 words. 3 marks)

Please note that 3 marks will be assigned for clarity and flow of writing as well as your ability to follow APA guidelines (in-text citation and bibliography)