To create a floor plan/diagram using the Social Tables (by Cvent) program. Method: For this assignment, you will be using a software program called Social Tables (by Cvent). Social Tables is a dynamic event management platform that allows planners to create 3-dimensional floor plans for events. Purpose The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to understand venue/site layout design for events as well as using event management software. Working individually, design the venue diagram for SHTM’s Annual Gala Reception and Dinner taking place on Nov. 22, 2023, at the Hilton Toronto, 145 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2 using Social Tables online diagramming software. All components in the diagram must be to scale (use the event specifications provided below) and clearly labelled. Label the objects/furniture in the diagram using the TEXT function to identify the object on the diagram. Here’s a demo video in case you’ve missed class, Your professor will access your diagram online after the assignment due date. 1. Below are the steps to set up your SOCIAL TABLES account. • Register for a free ST Planner account via Please use your GBC email account for registration. Complete the fields provided and choose “Student” in the Business Type field at the bottom of the registration. • Once registered, log in to ST, and open the tab on the left side called “VENUE”. • In the “VENUE” search tab, enter Hilton Toronto • Scroll to the very bottom to find the Toronto Ballroom. • Once you find the Toronto Ballroom at the bottom, select “create a diagram” to get started and have the floor plan automatically appear in your account, and you can begin diagraming. 2. Create your diagram with the following instructions – only 1 floor plan is required which will include all event components outlined below:  The event is a gala reception and dinner for 240 guests.  The room you will be using is the “Toronto Ballroom” at the Hilton Toronto Hotel.  Both the reception and the dinner will occur in the Toronto Ballroom. Keep your reception and dinner separate. Consider the flow from reception to dinner. Only 1 floor plan will be created.  The reception area will require two bars, a water station, 8 “high-boy”/cruiser tables and a piano for reception entertainment. (no other tables needed)  The reception area will also include a “photo-booth” for your guest’s entertainment during the reception.  Dinner area will require round tables to seat 8 guests each table (60-inch banquet rounds)  Dinner area will require a dance floor and a stage for a 5-piece band.  Dinner area will require a dessert station, the station requires 3 – 8’ foot tables. 3. Ultimately, your floor plan needs to guide the event organizers (you) in setting up a great event space that’s takes into consideration easy attendee flow, safety, and attractive, operational, functional spaces. Evidence of each of the requirements mentioned above (and in the RUBRICS) should be visible and clearly marked on the diagram or use the TEXT function to label and identify the objects/furniture. 4. Save a .pdf copy of your completed floor plan for this event, and add a cover page and a legend page before submitting it Blackboard by the end of day on due date. 5. Remember to SHARE (top left) with your professor in Social Tables as a collaborator to your Social Table diagram ( Please allow your professor permissions to EDIT – Full Access. HOST 1070 Introduction to Catering Assignment #2 – Floor Plan Assignment RUBRIC Venue/Site Layout Requirements Possible points Use the Toronto Ballroom as your function space at the Hilton Toronto (145 Richmond St. West) Include the name and date of the event, the banquet room name and which side is the SERVICE side and GUEST side in your diagram information. / 1 Room dimensions are clearly marked (use the Measurement function) on the diagram. / 1 Event space set-up and layout is appropriate for the number of people expected and the requirements of the event. Set-up and layout promote good traffic movement, flow and safety. / 7 Cocktail reception 1 Piano / 1 2 Bars / 2 8 High Boy/Cruiser tables set-up to promote good traffic movement and flow / 2 1 Photobooth / 1 Dinner Banquet seating for 240 ppl (rounds of 8), layout of tables, stage, dance floor / 4 Dance floor / 2 Stage for 5-piece band / 2 Dessert Station (3 – 8-foot tables) / 2 Total Points Available /25