You will develop a Youtube video or similar technology that is 3 minutes in length. The topic will be on

Intergenerational Trauma. The video will be informative and intended to educate the audience on

colonization and how it is linked to Intergenerational trauma for Indigenous people in Canada. You will

be graded on creativity and how concisely you can deliver the necessary information, which you have

researched. You must include what treatment theories and strategies you would use in working with

someone with IGT, you must be specific. You will post the link to video in D2L. This activity provides the

opportunity to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

This project will provide you the opportunity to creating awareness and share your understanding of

Intergenerational Trauma as well as build on your communication and advocacy skills and demonstrate

your cultural competence. You will be required to complete, post and present a YouTube video on

Intergenerational Trauma. This video will be 3 minutes in length and will raise awareness of what IGT is,

who is impacted and how it evolved, including how it is developed. The YouTube videos will be

presented in seminar and a grade attached to presenting. Be creative in how you develop your posting.

This will be a group effort and all members are expected to contribute equally.

There will be a written submission using APA referencing based on the information you have in your

video. You will use for both the video and the written submission at least five (5) current peer reviewed

articles (less than 7 years old). Include a title page with title of submission, your name and student

number, professor name and section Ie: S01, S02, etc. Do not include graphics on title page. You will use

Calibri 11, double spaced but no double double spacing between paragraphs. Do not use subtitles in the

written submission. MUST include page number in intext referencing.

Please read the following carefully regarding Academic Integrity and use of Artificial


• Plagiarism and Duplication: This assignment must consist of original work. Any cases of

plagiarism or duplication may result in a grade of zero (0) on the assignment, as well as a

permanent record of academic misconduct being placed on the student’s transcript.

• Submitting content in your assignment that closely resembles another student’s work

with only minor alterations in wording (paraphrasing) can still be considered a form of


• Incorporating content in your assignment that seems to come from an external source,

especially when the assignment explicitly mandates the submission of your own original

work, expressed in your own words, can be a breach of academic integrity.

• Utilizing artificial intelligence in assignments is regarded as a violation of academic

integrity, as it undermines the principle of individual effort, original thought, and

independent learning that academic assessments are designed to uphold.

• Students must use APA 7 style referencing for all sources.