Using the Studies in Brain Development text & How Does Learning Happen? (pdf) text, you will be comparing and contrasting the influence of past theorists’ ideas in How Does Learning Happen?

  • You can find the text, How Does Learning Happen? on FOL-Content-Week One-How Does Learning Happen?
  • Try to ask yourself, where these theories are evident in How Does Learning Happen? and how they are evident in How Does Learning Happen?
  • You must individually work through the theory and make connections to How Does Learning Happen? by completing the comparison chart posted on FOL-Content-Week One- Educational Perspectives Comparison Chart.
  • You will complete your first comparison chart based on the Educational Perspectives lecture (March 4th) and readings for week one.

Chapters & Page Numbers:

  • Chapter 1- Plato (p. 1 -13)
  • Chapter 3- Rousseau (p. 35-48)


  • Select an idea from one ofthe theorists reviewed in this week’s Educational Perspective lecture and the corresponding chapter from the Studies in Brain Development text. Compare this idea to a specific aspect of How Does Learning Happen?
  • Your comparison/connection should be approximately 150-200 words and articulate a well-described and thoughtful connection between the theory and How Does Learning Happen?


 Level 1 – Incomplete/VagueLevel 2- WeakLevel 3- SatisfactoryLevel 4 – Excellent
Quality of ComparisonsQuality is incomplete/vagueQuality of comparison is weak and/or needs more thoughtQuality of comparisons is satisfactoryQuality of comparisons is excellent and well thought out
Comparison DescriptionsDescription is vague/incompleteDescription/explanation of comparison is weak and/or needs more explanationDescription/explanation of comparison is fair, clear and explainedDescription/explanation of comparison is strong, articulate and thoroughly explained
Evidence/Support of ComparisonComparisons are vague/incompleteComparisons have little or no evidence/supportComparisons have satisfactory evidence/supportComparisons have strong evidence and/or support