You are soon to graduate from Centennial College. Your Graduate Certificate in
International Business Management is a proof that you worked hard, and you are
confident that a great future is waiting for you.
You received an e-mail from an old friend who works for an important company which
manufactures……………….. in …….……………. Your friend was recently promoted,
and now he is the Business Export Manager in charge of expanding the business
internationally. He is thinking to work with you for the Canadian market.
In order to convince his managers that you are the suitable business partner and have a
team capable to handle their product, he asks you for a Competitive Analysis Report.
With the knowledge acquired at Centennial, your understanding of Canadian market,
the desire to succeed in the business field, and a few capable Centennial colleagues for
a team, you accept the challenge. It is your future and you are in control.
Your Principles of Freight Forwarding professor offered to help you. She prepared the
following document