FDMG 1144 – W24
Franchise Restaurant Research Project
Scope: Each group will be provided with an American or Canadian fast food or beverage
franchise restaurant opera9on to conduct detailed research on using the guidelines and details
listed below. This will be a collabora9ve effort so each of your groups members contribu9on to
this assignment will be crucial to the overall success of this assignment Take careful a?en9on to
the informa9on provided below.
Assignment Guidelines

  1. Groups will be made with up to 4 members in each.
  2. Groups must not exceed 4 members and contain no less than 2 members.
  3. Presenta9ons will be conducted in class within in Week 13.
  4. Each group must complete their Group Contract during week 4 and submit by week 5.
  5. Group contract must be completed and submi?ed by January 31st.
  6. Once group contract has been submi?ed, Group Leader will receive an email which
    will be include the designated franchise restaurant for their group project.
  7. Each group will be assigned a corporate franchise restaurant opera9on to conduct
    detailed research on to present in class during Week 13.
  8. Groups must work together to equally distribute the assigned content amongst all group
  9. Presenta9ons must be put together in MicrosoO PowerPoint for submission purposes.
  10. In Class presenta9ons must be a collabora9ve effort with all members contribu9ng
    equally. All members must be in a?endance during in class presenta9on.
  11. Please be crea9ve and professional when gathering informa9on for your submission as
    you will be graded on the design and look in addi9on to the content provided.
  12. Each group will be assigned a group contract to complete and submit during week 5 Your
    group contract will outline how each of your members will be contribu9ng to the
    comple9on and success of your project.
  13. Dates for submission of PowerPoint and will be during Week 12.

FDMG 1144 – W24
Important Dates
WEEK 5 Franchise Presenta9on and Group Contract will be delivered asynchronously and informa9on
provided online
WEEK 5 Group Contract must be completed and submi?ed to FOL by no later than Jan 31st for review
by professor and then franchises will be sent to group leaders to begin conduc9ng research
WEEK 13 Completed presenta9on in PowerPoint format submi?ed for review and grading
WEEK 13 Scheduled presenta9ons for Franchise Restaurant Research Project
Grading Rubrics
Visual Appeal There are no errors in
spelling, grammar and
punctuation. Information
is clear and concise on
each slide. Visually
There are some errors in
spelling, grammar and
punctuation. Too much
information on two or more
Significant visual appeal.
There are many errors in
spelling, grammar and
punctuation. Too much
information was contained on
many slides.
Minimal effort made to make
slides appealing or too much
going on.
Extensive knowledge of
assigned brands/questions.
Demonstrated complete
understanding of
assignment. Accurately
answered all questions
Showed a good
understanding of assigned
Able to answer most of
audience questions.
Did not understand topic.
Majority of questions
answered by only one
member or majority of
information incorrect.
Content The presentation was a
concise summary of the
assigned brand with all
questions answered.
Comprehensive and
complete coverage of
No more than 13 slides,
Adhered to the time limit
of 10 minutes
The presentation was a
good summary of the
assigned brand.
Most important information
covered; little irrelevant info.
Time limit issues/slightly
over slide limit.
The presentation was
informative but several
elements went unanswered.
Much of the information
irrelevant; coverage of some
of major points.
Too short/too long
presentation/did not
adhere to slide limits.
Group Dynamics
All presenters knew the
information, participated
equally, and helped each
other as needed.
Extremely prepared and
Slight domination of one
presenter. Members helped
each other.
Very well prepared.
Unbalanced presentation or
tension resulting from
Multiple group members not
Evident lack of
Dependence on slides.
FDMG 1144 – W24
Research Touch Points – All topics to be included within presenta<on
1 Provide detail on history of franchise and what their origins are.
2 What countries are they located in and where are they most
3 What types of products do they provide? Menu details.
4 What is their demographic?
5 Provide a descripCon of their pricing structure.
6 What are their hours of operaCon?
7 How has this company evolved throughout the years? Green
iniCaCves, menu, logo’s, etc.
8 What service models do they provide? Delivery, dine in, take out,
9 What types of career opCons are offered within their porOolio
10 Has their menu been altered in different areas of the world? If so,
please explain
11 Provide informaCon on their markeCng. Does this company have
markeCng slogan or catch phrases?
12 Does this company provide a loyalty program. Please explain.
13 What is cost to purchase one of these franchise restaurants?
14 Is this company affiliated with any other companies?
15 What is their ownership?
16 What is the training regimen for new employees? Online, courses,
in store, etc.
17 Have you eaten there? What is your favourite item?