Look at https://www.bcbusiness.ca/Top-100-2019-BCs-biggest-companies-by-industry, a list of top companies in BC in 2019. The companies below are chosen from this list.

Research each of the companies and answer the questions below. Submit the completed Word file in the assignment Dropbox before midnight Sunday.

1.      Methanex Corporation

  • Q1: Is it public or private?
  • Who are the directors?
  • Can you find tax filings? (paste in hyperlink)

2.      Ledcor Group of Companies

·       What kind of company are they?

·       Who is their Chief Technology Officer?

·       Can you find their earnings report for 2017? (paste in hyperlink)

3.      BC Lottery Corp

·       Is it public or private?

·       How many women or people of color are on their senior leadership team? How many on their board of directors?

·       Can you find their annual report? (paste in hyperlink)

·       Can you find a report on their corporate social responsibility? (paste in hyperlink)

4.      Canaccord Genuity Group

·       What kind of organization are they?

·       Can you find their financial statements? (paste in hyperlink)

·       Who is on their audit committee?

·       Can you work out where their assets are invested? (paste in info or hyperlink)