At the end of each week, guiding questions will be posted in the Summary section.

Please note: Students are to provide their responses to guiding question for each of the three (3) weeks that they have chosen to submit for this assignment. You must complete both questions for the weeks chosen to submit.

Students should record their reflections on these guiding questions. Given the personal reflective nature of the assignment, external sources should not be used.

A journal template is provided below, however journals may take many forms. Students may use an actual notebook and photograph their entries for submission, or use online journaling software.


In week 7, submit your BEST THREE journal entries ONLY to the Dropbox. The due date will be set by your instructor.


This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade. Make sure your submission meets the following criteria for full marks.

3Minimum required length: 3 journals x 250 words each = 750 words total
1Format: double spaced, 12-point font
3No spelling or grammar mistakes
2Guiding questions for each entry are included
3Journal entries respond to the guiding questions
33 different journal entries are used in the submission
3At least 3 personal life experiences/examples are included in the submission
2Posted to Drop Box on time
Journal Entry 1 – Week 1 – Introduction to Wellness
Achieving optimum wellness often requires behaviour change. Is there a behaviour change that you would be willing to make in order to improve your wellness?
Have you made a behaviour change in the past? Would you consider it a success or something to try again later?
Journal Entry 2 – Week 2 – Physical Wellness
If you tracked your water intake for the week, reflect on your findings. Do you think you drink enough water? What are some ways that you can increase your water intake?
Continue the discussion about nutrition. Reflect on any controversial topics that you have heard buzz about in the media, or simply talk about some of your biggest questions or challenges regarding nutrition.
Journal Entry 3 – Week 3 – Intellectual and Interpersonal Wellness
After you graduate, how important is it for you to find work in a career/job that you find fulfilling and challenging?
How do you keep yourself socially connected? Have you evolved in this aspect of your life?
Journal Entry 4 – Week 4 – Spiritual and Emotional Wellness
Based on your assessment scores for spiritual and emotional wellness (please include your scores), how do you think your health is being affected by these two dimensions?
Speak about a time you have struggled to forgive someone (this could include yourself). If you did end up finding a way to forgive them, explain how that made you feel and any overall lessons learned.
Journal Entry 5 – Week 5 – Environmental Wellness
After reading your classmates thoughts on how they can improve their environmental wellness, did any suggestions appeal to you? Was there a suggestion you can implement in the short term? What about the long term?
If you calculated your carbon footprint using any of the provided websites (or a different one), what were your results? What options did you explore for how you can improve your carbon footprint? What are some challenges that you face in making these changes?
Journal Entry 6 – Week 6 – Introduction to Stress
If you took the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale survey, speak about your score. Do you think this is accurate? Do you feel more stressed now than you have in the past? Explain. 
Have you ever seen the results of someone using unhealthy stress reduction strategies? What impact did it have on them and those around them? What are some positive strategies they could have used instead?
Journal Entry 7 – Week 7 – Stress Models & Effects of Stress on Health
Speak about a time you experienced the fight-or-flight response. Discuss the effects it had on your body, and why you think these effects can lead to illness/disease.
Reflect on someone you know who suffers from a stress-related disease (or at least you believe they do). Are they aware of the connection? If you were to explain it to them, what kind of information could you provide?