Step 1: Find a local activist organization or group that is fighting for the rights of ONE of the following: Indigenous Peoples, Racialized People, 2SLGBTQA+ People, or Disabled People. *Your choice can be the same as one of those presented in week 9. 

Step 2: On the next page, write a report the includes information from the topics below. This report should be 1 page long, double-spaced, 12 pt font. The information included must be true, correct, and demonstrate what you learned from your research.  

Here are some possible questions and topics to consider when writing your report.  

  • What types of social problems/discrimination does the organization/group work on?  
  • Why do these problems exist? 
  • Why is it important to work to remove these problems?  
  • How long has the organization/group been doing this work?  
  • What has inspired this activist organization/group to do this work? How or why did they get started? 
  • How does the organization/group interact with society, individuals, and communities?  
  • What methods are used to do this work? 
  • What challenges are experienced by the organization/group while doing this work? 
  • What are the organization/group’s needs to continue doing this work?  
  • How many people work for this organization/group? What do they do? Are there volunteer positions? 
  • What message(s) does the organization/group promote in their activist work?  
  • What successes has the organization/group experienced during their activist work? 
Organization Name