You have just landed your dream job as a statistical consultant working at AlgomaU Statistical Consultants Inc.
Your first task as a new employee is to impress your boss by showing off your data management, data
visualization, data analysis, and scientific writing skills. To do this, you have been asked to select and examine
one of the data sets provided. Once you have selected your data set you are required to come up with and
conduct appropriate analyses for the data.
You are asked to choose at least two interesting questions that can be asked based on the data provided (for
example: is there a correlation between two of the variables in the data set?). The questions must be related
to the data and survey information provided. Once you have determined your questions, report what they are
along with your hypotheses in complete sentences. You should include this as a paragraph at the beginning of
your report. Now that you have your hypotheses, you should use your data management skills to organize and
explore your data and conduct descriptive statistics to help your client understand the data that you are
analyzing. Make sure to include descriptive statistics such as measures of central tendency and variability, and
most importantly an appropriate figure to represent the data. Next, conduct the appropriate statistical
analyses using at least two different methods (ie. t-test, correlation, chi-square) that you have learned
throughout this course. Compile your findings by writing a Results section. Remember to include figures that
will help explain your results. Finally, summarize your findings in complete sentences by completing a brief
Discussion section where you restate the questions that you intended on asking followed by the answers that
you found. Make sure that your report aligns with APA format.
Things to include:

  • State what you are interested in asking about the data or survey information provided using complete
    sentences. Make sure your questions make sense with the data provided. (6 marks)
  • Written Hypotheses for your questions. (4 marks)
  • Figures depicting your data. (6 marks)
  • Written Results section in APA format including your descriptive and inferential statistics. Make sure to
    include a description of your results and appropriate figures to illustrate your findings. (6 marks)
  • Written Discussion section explaining your results in plain words, what you can conclude from your
    analyses. (6 marks)
  • PDF of jamovi output (including appropriate exploration of data and complete results of your chosen
    analyses). (18 marks)
  • Follow APA guidelines. (4 marks)
  • Attach your report and jamovi output into a single PDF file.
    Total = 50 marks
    Submit a single PDF of your assignment and supplementary materials written in full sentences using Major
    Assignment #2 – Submission on Moodle.
    Supplementary Data Information
    Three data sets have been provided for to select from to complete this assignment:
  1. Billionaire2009
  2. BrainSize
  3. DriveThru