about origin story traditions across Turtle Island.

This is a group task where you will work to record an 8-to-10-minute oral presentation about origin story traditions across Turtle Island. As part of your recording, you will produce presentation material (for example, a slideshow or Sway file) to enhance your delivery and analysis.

  1. Research and select one creation story from a First Nations or Inuit community in Turtle Island. Remember to cite your research materials using APA format in the presentation you will create in the following steps.
  2. Using PowerPoint, Sway, or other software, create audiovisual material you can use to record a presentation where you analyze the creation story and identify its features. Include the following aspects in your analysis: • Where does this creation story originate? (Address the Indigenous group that shares this creation story as part of their traditions.)
    Who are the characters and what is their role in the creation story?
    What is the setting and environment where the story takes place?
    How is the creation process and how was the world formed according to the story?
    o What values and beliefs does this story convey?
  3. During your presentation, pay special attention to the role of animals in the story and their importance in Indigenous storytelling. Consider questions such as:
  • Which animals appear in the story and what is their significance?
  • How are animals portrayed in the story and what traits do they embody?
  • What is the relationship between humans and animals in the story?
  • What can we learn about the Indigenous worldview from the portrayal of animals in the story? 4. Finally, identify one teaching in this story and explain how you can carry/apply this teaching in your own life currently.