AE 102 Photoshop Content Aware Assignment

AE 102 Photoshop Content Aware AssignmentThere will likely be times in the future when you have the perfect picture, but the proportions are wrong for your layout. In such cases, it will be useful to know how to extend the image so that it will fit into your design. This is one of the most difficult uses of the Content-Aware tools, but if you can master it, you can do just about anything. You will see first-hand how the different tools behave and what you need to do to create a seamless image.Instructions For this assignment, you will download the JPEG provided and use the Content-Aware tools to make it 25% wider.The goal of the assignment is to make the extension as convincing as possible. No one should be able to tell that the end product is not the original shot. As with all things Photoshop, the more time you spend, the better it will be. Take your time, try different techniques, and sample often.Deliver your completed assignment as a JPEG. JPEG has to be selected from the drop-down when you “Save As” in Photoshop.TO GET STARTED: Open the file.Save-As: Save the file as a new name: P2_LastName.psd. You want to do this so that you are able to keep a copy of the original file intact and unaltered.Unlock the background layer by double clicking on it, give it a new name: Original.Extend the image by 25% by going to Image > Canvas Size or “Option+Cmd+C” and change the Width from 40 inches to: 50 inches.Create a new layerUse selection and retouching tools to extend the image.Selection Tools:Marquee ToolMove ToolLasso ToolMagnetic Lasso ToolQuick Selection ToolMagic Wand ToolColor Tools:EyedropperBrushRetouching Tools:Clone StampSpot Healing BrushHealing BrushContent Aware Move ToolYou will need to create multiple new layers—some on top of the Original, and some below.It is a good idea to save your work periodically using File > Save or “Cmd + S”Once completed, Check and Save your work. Save-As a .jpeg in addition to your .psd file. Follow the Turn-In instructions as explained in class. AE 102 Photoshop Content Aware AssignmentNeed Help with a similar Assignment?The post AE 102 Photoshop Content Aware Assignment appeared first on EssayPanthers.