Alabama A & M University Chosing Among Finalists for the Job of HR Director

Alabama A & M University Chosing Among Finalists for the Job of HR Director by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized DescriptionFollow the direction below I will upload the chapter 9 pages and videos and article the directions is talking about below;Prepare a response to the case application at the end of text chapter 9: “Chosing Among Finalists for the Job of HR Director.” Prior to attempting the exercise, watch the video “What is an Effective Argument” and read the article “Steps in Deductive Reasoning.” Both the video and the article will help sharpen your critical thinking skills and enhance your response to this exercise and other exercises in the MSHRM program.Read the instructions for each part of the exercise carefully and provide the specific response requested.(1) Evaluate each of the 3 individuals using the selection methods specified in the text case, decide whom you would hire AND not hire for the position and explain the rationale for your decisions, i.e., methodology, criteria, etc. by which you reached your decision. Be sure to incorporate material from Chapter 9 in your analyses.(2) Assume that NII desires to revise the assessment methods they have used for external selection in the past. Examine the tasks in the job description for the Human Resource Director presented in this exercise and infer/develop/identify 5-6 KSAs that align with the listed task requirements. Using these KSAs, prepare a selection plan for this position using Exhibit 9.11 (8th ed.)] as an example.(3) Discuss how the selection plan you developed in part (2), and the process for selecting the HR Director used in part (2), might differ if NII decided to choose only from among internal candidates of the law firm for the position rather than seeking external candidates. Incorporate materials from Chapter 10 in your response to this part of the assignment. Must be in APA style Time New Roman 12 fonts”Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”