Ambition Essay 11

Ambition Essay 11. ?Ambition Nowadays, many people think ambition is antisocial, it is never a pretty prospect to ponder. But in my opinion, ambition is important and necessary for our society. Ambition is a fundamental skill of accumulating power and living a good life. It produces action. It makes choice possible. It is a narrative or context of concerns and commitments that brings forth moods of passion, assessments of situations and actions, strategies and tactics, requirements for power, and skill. What if a person does not have an ambition?A person without ambition has no commitment to take care of their future. They may want, desire or prefer a good future, but they lack commitment to do so. They do not act in the present to produce favorable consequences in the future. And to think of it, what the world will be like without ambition? The highly developed society hangs back and new invention disappears. New discovery vanishes. All of which human beings creates will never come to our life. That’s an unbelievable phenomenon.So in my opinion, ambition is so important and necessary for both individuals and our society that we will never abandon falling in it. To begin with, I think if one’s ambition is greater than the others, he or she will get more at last. For example, In the Three States conflicts, a famous leader named Cao Cao, whose ambition is to climb up to the summit of great rights. Through a list of methods such as absorbing some knowledgeable person makes him succeed finally. Secondly, some ambitious ideas contribute to the success of our society.If we don’t dream flying like the bird, we’ll never invent the plane. f we don’t want to stay in the waters for a long time, we’ll never make the first submarine. If we don’t want to step on the moon, we’ll never create the spaceship. Ambition is like a flower, whose smell is so sweet that lure people to get it. Ambition is like a hawking, whose expectation is to fly high and high to the blue sky. If a person doesn’t have ambition, his life will be dull. If a person doesn’t have ambition, his colorful world will fade. a person don’t have ambition, he will achieve nothing. Someone will say, ambition may be destroy the building of modern moral society, which built by our ancestor. To the contrary, it’s because of the ambition that the building could be existed. I don’t think that someone is an ambitious person is wrong. In a word, I am totally agree that ambition propels our life and make our world go around. It’s so important and necessary that we’ll all have to stick to it if we want to make a difference.Ambition Essay 11