America from 1946-2012

Deliverable Length: 4-6 pages  APA Style There are many factors and events that have impacted and changed America from 1946-2012. Pick one of the following events from the list and discuss in detail the event, the people involved, and its background and impact of America.Al Gore and Global WarmingThe George W. Bush DoctrineBlacklistingCuban Missile CrisisGulf of Tonkin ResolutionWatergateNAFTABrown v. The Topeka Board of EducationThe Military Industrial ComplexThe Technological RevolutionWar on PovertyNo Child Left Behind9/11The Marshall PlanOPECCold WarImmigration Acts and issuesReaganomicsThe Gulf WarsSub Prime Melt DownIran Hostage Crisis

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