Anthropology milestone thesis rough draft help

Need help with developing a thesis for an anthropology milestone  project this will be the first of two milestones  here is the first question. 2-5 pages  You will select a film you think represents an anthropological situation.This is purposefully very broad so it can include almost any film. For example, the film’s protagonists might be fighting for a cause they believe will improve their community, but encounter philosophical or structural problems along the way, or maybe you choose a film where the protagonist loses his/her faith and finds it through a clichéd series of events.Post your choice in the Module Three discussion.Make sure to briefly introduce your selection, explain what anthropological situation you will be analyzing, and state why you chose this particular film. If you have any questions regarding this milestone or would like help choosing a movie. I have te assignmet in full will send when handshake is made.

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