Ascot Ann Harris

  Subject: unit 2 IP  BackgroundPROVISION Healthcare Technologies manufactures patient image wands (hardware with underlying software) used by healthcare providers (primarily hospitals and physician offices) as part of larger systems to test and monitor patients’ body functions. The wand has been on the market for ten months and a new release of the wand’s software isn’t expected for another eight months. The company is approximately 150 people total, and has been in existence for just over five years. They have several products on the market, but the newest is by far the most complex product they have created. They are privately-owned and are financially stable.Project BackgroundNew government regulations have just been issued regarding patient safety. PROVISION must modify the wand software to incorporate this new functionality within six months or face steep fines. PROVISION has decided to move up its next wand release to meet the government deadlines. It has also decided to incorporate some new functionality and make some software fixes as part of this release.Project TeamYou have been named the project manager. You are from the Product Development department, from the Software team.The project will require a cross-departmental team:DepartmentOperational ResponsibilitiesProject ResponsibilitiesProduct DevelopmentAssist with customer service / help desk calls.Software team: designs, makes, and tests modifications to the software.Hardware team: tests the new software against the current hardware to ensure it still works.Product ManufacturingProduces the product.Designs and develops product packaging, including release notes and upgrade instructions.Product DistributionFills customer orders.Tests installation and upgrade procedures.Sales & MarketingSales team – sells the product, manages accounts, etc. Marketing team – delivers marketing campaigns, updates the Web site, etc.Sales team: provides input and subject-matter expertise around the wand’s functional requirements. Marketing team: develops and delivers the marketing campaigns to promote the wand; will be responsible for preparing customer communications and updates to the corporate Web site.  Now that the stakeholders have been identified, you are getting ready for the overview meeting. Terry has asked you to present the project charter for discussion with the group. Continue work on the project plan by analyzing all of the inputs and creating a project charter and description of approach. Be sure to identify the drivers of the project, as well as the ways in which the project will be considered a success. Make any changes to the project plan that are needed based on this new information.Assignment:When you have completed the approximately 1-page project charter section of your project plan

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