assignment 6

I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study. Describe the purpose of data analysis. (1 Mark)Why researchers need to interpret their results? (1 Mark)What does hypothesis mean in research? Discuss the importance of hypothesis in a research. (1 Marks)Discuss the steps involved in hypothesis testing. (2 Marks)What are the different types of statistical analysis? (1 Mark)Instructions:Assignment-6 covers Modules 14Your assignment is required to be two to three pages in length, which does not include the title page and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.Support your submission with course material concepts, principles from the textbook and at least one or two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Use the Saudi Digital Library to find your resources.Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and follow APA style guidelines.Assignment -6 should be submitted on or before 9/ 12 /2019.